[RE] Zombieland CTF – Reverse Engineering for Beginners

I've been working on my programming recently to help improve my reverse engineering skills and I've just finished writing my first reverse engineering capture the flag. I've tried to make the assembly as clear and simple as possible, whilst still remaining challenging, to allow inexperienced REs to be able to step through and really get … Continue reading [RE] Zombieland CTF – Reverse Engineering for Beginners

[BSH] Quick Tip: YARA Scanning Files

YARA is an advanced string searching tool designed to assist malware researchers in identifying malware samples. Its extremely versatile, allowing analysts to scan a variety of file types both on disk or in memory, to quickly highlight pre-identified malicious indicators and classify the files. I've created a bash script to make it easier to scan … Continue reading [BSH] Quick Tip: YARA Scanning Files