[RE] Zombieland CTF – Reverse Engineering for Beginners

I've been working on my programming recently to help improve my reverse engineering skills and I've just finished writing my first reverse engineering capture the flag. I've tried to make the assembly as clear and simple as possible, whilst still remaining challenging, to allow inexperienced REs to be able to step through and really get … Continue reading [RE] Zombieland CTF – Reverse Engineering for Beginners

[RE] Linux Bomb Walkthrough – Part3 (Phases 4-6)

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of this RE walkthrough. If you've somehow jumped straight in here, go look up the first 2 parts to catch up. PHASE 4 I'll start this write-up with the debugger paused at the first instruction within the phase_4 function. At first glance, this looks like its a lot simpler than … Continue reading [RE] Linux Bomb Walkthrough – Part3 (Phases 4-6)